So much for vacation…

Just got back from Puerto Rico, which was really great. We didn’t do much other than sit on the beach all day. As the sun went down, we’d go to the pool, which was mostly empty by then. Most of our company by then were the little lizards that were scurrying around the landscaping. At night we’d dine outside to the music of the collective “Coqui!” frogs in the shadows. I got a bad sunburn on the last day in a last desperate attempt to come home as brown as a bear, but the pain has turned to itch now, and I’m sure by tomorrow, I will have turned completely from raspberry to kiwi-skin.

But it was so relaxing, great to get away with my man.
And another thing: fried plantains rock!

So, I’ve been home less than a week, and the three-year-old, who stayed with his grandparents while we were away, seems to be undergoing a bit of a set-back in the potty-training department. He’s had like six accidents today, including one real mess. There’s nothing like coming out of the shower you haven’t had time for in two days to find a bear-size load of scat in somebody’s underpants. And, let’s just say, thank God for that…

MOVIE QUOTE OF THE DAY: Hey, at least I’m housebroken! – THE BIG LEBOWSKI –

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