Beautiful Day

Spring has finally bloomed here.

Wanted to give you an update on the underwear situation. If you recall, I had bought my four-year-old larger briefs in the hope that he would stop covertly removing them from his person and hiding them in odd places. Well, it didn’t work, so I went out and invested in very small boxer shorts. The success of that move has been limited. one night, my husband was putting him to bed, and the four-year-old said, “Dad, you should try not wearing underwear. It’s really comfy.” It’s so cool how he believes he is the pioneer of all.

One political note, and I will sign off: If I see one more picture of some idiot with red tape over his or her mouth and the word “LIFE” emblazoned across the tape, I’m going to have to take some.

(from Miller’s Crossing)
Eddie Dane: SHUT UP! Or maybe you still got too many teeth.

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