Get a room….

….at the Ritz! Enough of the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes love-fest, it’s making me sick. Besides, it’s so mushy, it’s like phonier than Mariah Carey’s breasts.

Rough day…

Let me just say this — what the hell has happened to corporate America? Didn’t they used to say that the customer was always right? Didn’t they used to need our business? Today, I had a disagreement with a customer service rep on the phone, and when I told her that a competitor was willing to meet my terms, and that I should perhaps favor the competitor with my business, her response was, “That’s your prerogative, m’am.” In other words, I shouldn’t let the door hit me in the ass! What is that? This woman made me feel like we should farm out even more of our customer service jobs to Bombay.

And another thing, while I’m talking about business: which corporate weasel thought up the idea that companies should start “clubs” for their “special” customers? It seems like every store I go into now offers me a “membership” in their special club, where I’m entitled to “discounts” after paying the annual fee. I don’t get it. I’m expected to pay a company so that I can give them my loyal business? I’m gonna pay $25 a year so I can get 30 cents off my latte? Think right, and get real!

I feel like they’re trying to give me “the business” if you know what I mean. I swear, the whole world’s gone mad. It’s all about selling…and apparently, if I don’t buy the way they sell, they can find other schmucks who will.

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