It makes the world go around

Plus, it looks now like this whole “Deep Throat” revelation thing is a big money grab. The family of Mr. Felt was pushing him to reveal his role in Watergate so that they could capitalize on the publishing rights, which I guess is okay. Afterall, why should Bob Woodward reap all the benefits by himself. It’s just funny how the whole secret that’s been kept for thirty years has been just blurted out now. I guess the time (or the price) was right.

By the way, I doubt yesterday’s movie quote (or many of the ones I choose to write here) will be included in AFI’s Top 100 Movie Quote list later this month….

(from “I Love You To Death”)
JOEY: Okay, some guy in an Abraham Lincoln mask tries to brain me with a baseball bat, and that’s it, that’s the whole story.
NADJA: Yah, yah. Did you see what he looked like?
JOEY: Yyyy-eah. He looked like Abraham Lincoln…comin’ up to bat.

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