So, my robbery case has finally been assigned to a detective. In the interim, the following things have happened:

The guy who recommended her, who’s a friend of my father (let’s call him Mr. Pink) confronted her husband, who works for him. Mr. Pink told the husband that I had some jewelery missing, and did he think his wife might have taken it? The husband’s response: Maybe. “MAYBE”?! Who are these people??? So, Mr. Pink makes this threat, tells the guy I want my stuff back, and that if everything is returned I won’t press charges. (Which isn’t true. I want my stuff back AND I want her to wear an orange jumpsuit.)

So, the next day she was supposed to show up to clean Mr. Pink’s office, plus she and the husband owe Mr. Pink some money or something….anyway, she doesn’t show up. Mr. Pink asks the husband what’s up, and the husband says she was “too embarrassed” to see Mr. Pink. Now, if she’s not guilty, what’s she got to be embarrassed about?

Now, all this happened without my knowledge. I didn’t want her tipped off, but now she obviously knows that I know.

Anyway, the next day, I’m putting some stuff in my medicine closet, and I realize there are two empty Rx bottles in there. One was a 4-yr-old Rx for Vicodin that the oral surgeon had given to my husband when he developed dry socket after having all four of his wisdom teeth removed. I don’t know why I had neglected to throw them away, but there had been four or five tablets left in the bottle. Also missing were 6-7 Percocet that the dr. had given me for migraines last summer. I still don’t get why she would leave the empty containers for me to find.

Then, yesterday, my father and Mr. Pink played “Starsky and Hutch”, going around to pawn shops in search of the jewelry. I guess, Mr. Pink was feeling a little burned himself, because he noticed that the jars full of change he had in his office were a little lighter this week. They didn’t find any jewelry, but they did learn a lot about the pawn business.


I guess the point is that I KNOW she did it now. No doubt, whatsoever. Just wish the cops would come in for the easy lay-up.

(from “Double Indemnity”)

PHYLLIS: I was just making some ice tea. Would you like a glass?
WALTER NEFF: Yeah, unless you got a bottle of beer that’s not working.

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