One last thing about my weekend

I did workout today. I go to this little gym near my house. I like it, because it’s usually pretty quiet, at least during the hours of the day when I go. It’s laid back. Today, the front door was broken and propped open with a weight. I signed in, and as I usually do, I left my car keys at the far corner of the front desk.

There was nobody there. Just the girl behind the desk but no personal trainers. One woman was on an eliptical, and a man was doing some work on the weight machines. I did what I usually do and 45 minutes later went to get my keys. The girl at the front desk hadn’t gotten up once from her seat, and it kind of looked like she was doing a report for college or something. As I was grabbing the keys, something caught my eye on her computer screen, and I had to do a double take. It was a photo of a hairless, uncircumcised penis. Just kind of…not what I expected to see first thing Sunday morning.

I picked J up from Sunday school and took him out. He kind of had a rough week with another kid at school, not bullying per se, but general unkindness. Britney I think the other kid has academic frustrations, sees J doesn’t, and kind of takes it out on him. I have been talking to J about his feelings and plan to see the teacher this week. But you know, it’s tough on a seven-year old. Plus, when you add what’s going on at school with the fact that he’s been going to bed too late and getting up too early, J’s basically been as emotional as Britney Spears.

So, I wanted to spend a little one-on-one time with him. We went to lunch, and then stopped by Target to pick up items I had left there in a bag last week. They were really cool about it. Turns out each register keeps the receipts from items left behind, and then the customer service rep told me to go get them again and I took them home. But I got to thinking — she had a HUGE stack of receipts in that binder. How much stuff is paid for every year and left behind that goes unclaimed? Target just puts it back on the shelf for resale. It must mean lots of $$$ for them and other retailers.

Anyway, here’s the big news: While I was in line at customer service, the woman in front of me returned a Wii. That got me thinking about my unrequited Wii search. J’s birthday is coming up, and that’s what we’ve been saying we were going to get him, but we haven’t been able to find one. After we finished up at customer service, we did some shopping and wandered into the electronics section where I looked wistfully for Wii. A woman in a red shirt, who’s nametag said DOREEN, asked me if I needed anything, and I asked if she could tell me if there was a particular day when Wiis came in, when I might be able to stalk this elusive prey. Doreen said, “Hang on a sec. One just got returned to customer service, let me make sure there’s nothing wrong with it, otherwise you can have it.” Five minutes later, I bought a Wii. Thanks, DOREEN! Wee!!

Not that I think material possessions can cure any woe, but J is feeling a lot better tonight.  He kicked his father’s butt in cartoonish boxing.


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