Green Momster

Went out with my girlfriends last night.  Some of the few things I remember:

Awesome dessert.  Peanut butter ice cream covered in chocolate and sprinkled with nuts.  Mmmmm.

K, telling us more than we wanted to know about the Kardashians.  I still don’t understand why they are fodder for reality television, but then, I don’t get the genre in general.hulk

That all moms can, at any moment, turn into the Incredible Hulk.  I’m not the only one.  And I need that reminder from time to time, because I only remember my own mom from a child’s perspective, so I have no reference point for her faults.  My cousin, who’s older than I am, tells me that I remember her just as she was.  That she was, in fact, the perfect wife and mother.  And I kind of believe that, because we are talking about a woman who ironed absolutely everything.  I can remember her ironing sheets, my father’s handkerchiefs, his boxers.  But I also remember a few fleeting moments when she went Incredible Hulk on us as well.  Any mom with kids, at any time, can turn into the hulk.

I am often reminded, whenever I drive a certain on-ramp of the interstate, of a moment 40 years ago when my brother and I were arguing over a rubber wrench in the back seat of the car. It was green and it had a little pin in the center that allowed the jaws to open and close. It went with a whole rubber tool set my brother had.  But I liked the wrench. My mother must have gotten sick of hearing “It’s mine,” “No, it’s mine,” etc.  So she called to us from the driver’s seat.  “Let me see that,” she said innocently enough, and so we gave it to her.  She then rolled down the window of the Impala, threw it out onto the highway and gunned the engine.  We were left dumbfounded, looking out the back windshield as the thing skipped in the dust in our wake.


Manfrengensen and I went to the movies tonight to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was very funny.  But I don’t want to talk about Sarah Marshall.  I want to talk about the preview I saw for The Incredible Hulk.  Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m really looking forward to this movie.  I don’t have any problem with Edward Norton as Bruce Banner.  I don’t know why some Hulk fans are up-in-arms about the casting. I think Norton will be awesome as Bruce Banner. rock See, Bruce Banner is not some muscle-rippled athlete.  He’s a scientist.  I’m not saying that there aren’t any muscle-rippled scientists out there, but I do think, when you think scientist, you don’t think of this guy:

So, my problem is not with Edward Norton.  My problem is with the size of this Hulk.  He looks too big to me.  How are they going to cover his gnads?  In the 70’s show, he wasn’t that big, he was just an extra-large man.  Bill Bixby’s jeans turned into cut-off bermudas for Lou Farrigno, and everything was on the up-and-up so to speak.  When Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk, what’s he going to wear?  I’m not a reader of the comic, so maybe this question has already been addressed, as I am sure the Hulk has increased in size over the years. My guess is that in the film Banner’s always wearing pants with Spandex. Lots of Spandex.




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