It’s the CIRCLE of Life

Got that song stuck in my head.  Must have been the Daily Show’s use of it in the mock Obama bio video last week.

Can I just tell you what a great day I had yesterday? The boys started school, and it’s the first time both of them have been in full day. I missed them and all, but things around here were a lot less hectic. I had time to think and relax, and there wasn’t someone saying “Mom,” every seventeen seconds.

The Princess and I did little girlie things. We built a pink and purple castle with a Megablocks Cinderella set. I was Cinderella and Belle. She was Snow White, her current favorite. She went off and played by herself while I did chores. She helped me dust and empty the dishwasher. She went with me to get my eyebrows done, and even though she got upset there for a minute when she didn’t have my attention, she cheered up when the ladies there put a little lip gloss on her.

I lost my mom when I was ten. It is just so cool to have a mother/daughter relationship again. All these years I have watched other girls/women shopping with their mothers, and it has always made me heartsick. Heartsick like you wouldn’t believe.  That closeness, just the way that moms and daughters interact. No one knows you like your mom. I’ve got this big hole where my mom should have been. I am not saying that the boys aren’t the greatest gifts God has ever given me, of course I love them with all my heart, but I look at The Princess and my heart is healed.

My dad has this great thing about him. He’s had a lot of loss in his life.  His parents, and his oldest sister, the mother of his kids.  He says, yes, that’s all hard.  But you’ve got to look at what you’ve got.  What you do have is a beautiful thing. Yeah.


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