Jenny in Practice

So, yesterday I began the full Jenny experience.  Started the morning with the Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich, which is basically a Hot Pocket filled with egg, cheddar and smoked ham.  Not the most tasty thing I have ever eaten, but I’m not a fan of the Hot Pocket in general.  I left about 1/4 of it on the plate.  What I really wanted was the Sunshine Sandwich, which is like a turkey McMuffin, but they were out of that.  Should have opted for cereal or something…maybe if I add some hot sauce or something next time?  I also had some OJ as my fruit serving (1/4 cup) as I seem to be coming down with a cold, and that always helps.

For lunch, I had a salad with the Jenny Asian Sesame dressing.  Not impressed by that.  Too much soy, I think.  In the future, I think I will do my own lo-cal dressings, as the selection at Jenny is limited.  Also had the chicken sandwich. Probably would have been better if heated in toaster oven rather than microwave.  But, I had been out all morning, and forgotten to eat the morning snack (more fruit) so that by the time lunch came, I was ravenously hungry.  Toasting would have taken thirty minutes, and microwave took like two minutes, so you know which way I went. The bun came out a bit soggy, so I toasted it after.  The chicken came out a little rubbery as well, though I kind of expected that.  The honey mustard sauce that came with it was okay. I ate it like a stray dog since I was so hungry, but honestly, I don’t think I will be getting this for lunch again.

Mid-afternoon, I enjoyed the Jenny Anytime Bar in chocolate peanut butter flavor.  It was okay, with an interesting texture to prolong the chewing experience.  Just kidding, it actually wasn’t bad as far as protein bars go.


Chicken Fajitas in the foreground

Chicken Fajitas in the foreground

Tonight there were chicken fajitas, which were actually quite tasty, plus I was allowed to put taco sauce on them, so they were even more enjoyable.  There were two of them, and you heat the chicken, peppers and onions in a skillet with the powdered flavoring for five minutes and then roll them up in small tortillas. Overall, very satisfying.


All in all, I have to say, I wasn’t too hungry between the meals. I was allowed to have two fruits and pretty much carte blanche in the veggie dept.  For lunch, I added the salad, and that kept me afloat for the better part of the afternoon.

In the evening I got a snack, chocolate graham twists.  Now, on the package, they look a bit like chocolate covered pretzels.  There are some shiny looking twists there, so I was expecting a carob-coated-chocolate like experience.  In actuality, they were a pretzel-shaped-teddy-graham like substance.  Not bad.  A bit drier in texture than a teddy graham, but okay.

This was kind of a different day because we were busy in the evening with soccer practice and a meeting at Edison’s school. Manfrengensen had leftover chicken for dinner and the kids got chicken with their favorite (the only thing they all agree on) mac-n-cheese.  Tomorrow will be more challenging as I will need to cook for all four of them in addition to making my own meal.

I also drank a good deal of water during the course of the day.  It wasn’t bad, though I woke up hungry in the night. I’m thinking this is just an adjustment to diet mode.  My body is still asking for more than the 1200 calories I gave it yesterday because it is used to being fed on demand. But I stepped on the scale this morning, and there was a difference (minus two pounds from Monday).  Maybe some of that is the concerted effort I made before I started, and maybe some is Jenny, but I’m happy.  Seeing the lower number on the scale is always motivational.

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  1. stressedspelledbackwards says:

    Have you tried the Cookies and Cream Anytime bars? I like those alot more than the PB ones. They’re like my little afternoon dessert. =)

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