Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Seriously — how does a movie like this get green-lighted?  Which Disney exec read this script or heard the pitch and said, “People love chihuahuas!  They are so funny looking, and we can give them accents.  It will be tits.”  (A friend told me that based on his experience with the director, Tony Scott, “tits” is the expression Scott uses to affirm the things he likes. As in: “It’s tits.”)  But you know, some exec thinks Beverly Hills Chihuahua will make their money back.  Somebody’s going to be keeping his or her fingers crossed opening weekend, watching the box office returns like his or her job depends on it.

But what do I know?  Next year, I could be extolling the virtues of the soon-to-be-released Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.  More likely I will be bitching about it.

And who was the agent who said to Drew Barrimore or to Andy Garcia, “Hey! Have I got a script for you – you’ve just got to get onboard with this one.  It will be the feather in the cap of your career.  It’s called Beverly Hills Chihuahua“??  Yeah, yeah, it’s going to be tits.  (More likely something that rhymes with tit.)

Whatever, maybe the movie’s great.  Maybe it’s going to blow the doors off talking dog comedies.  Maybe it’s like the “Spartacus” of dog movies.



One Comment on “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”

  1. Forgot to comment on this one. When I read this, I nearly spit out my coffee. This is unbelievable, to say the very least. Wow. Just wow.

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