Indiana Jones and the Irresistible Pile of Cash

So, it seems that George Lucas, Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford are in “think mode” about a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones series. This, after like twenty years of denying that there would be a revival of the series, or at least leaving us with doubt that there would be, and then coming up with Crystal Skull, an over-hyped disaster that was much like a thrill ride one might find in a broken-down kiddie park. I feel like, with every one of the sequels to Raiders of the Lost Ark, they have gotten further and further away from what was great about that movie. That every subsequent installment has been a bigger insult to the first.


We want YOU to come out to see this crap.

We want YOU to come out to see this crap.


Hey I love Indiana Jones. But I hate a crappy script.



So, in honor of this idea, I have decided to initiate a new code phrase in our household. Whenever one of us needs to take a dump, we will tell the others that we need to go into “think mode.” Feel free to adopt the phrase yourself.

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