Luckiest Girl in the World

When Clooney got into the car today, he was beaming.  Neither he nor Edison could wait to tell The Princess the news they had.


If you remember last Friday, The Princess had a little meltdown over a Sleeping Beauty Barbie doll they were offering for raffle at the Book Fair.  So, after chasing her down the hall and retrieving it from her vice-like grip, I gave it back to the cashier, in my usual ploy of pretending to buy it, but actually not.  Instead, I bought five dollars worth of raffle tickets, and dropped the majority of them into the Sleeping Beauty pot.

Well, needless to say, she won the thing. (And they called Clooney’s name over the loud speaker to come claim it, hence his excitement.)  I guess good things come to those who abscond with and then return things and wait.

As I unbuckled her car seat to go into the house, she said, “Oh, Mommy.  I so happy to see Sweeping Beauty again.”

“I’m happy too,” I said.


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