You Said It, Sister.

The Princess and I had to run to the grocery store first thing this morning. I was determined that we would have a good day today, especially on the heels of yesterday. We started with the potty training, and I just felt like we were fighting all day.  She resented that I was trying to make her do this thing she has no interest in doing, and I resented the fact that she was making me mop the floor every couple of hours.  But I don’t think I am being unreasonable.  She’s more than three-years-old. It’s just time.  Past time. I keep telling myself she will thank me later. Like when she’s in college.

Anyway, she was very into the whole baby doll thing right from the get-go today, so she got all decked for the trip with her little stroller. She has a little pink and orange purse, and that was filled with the many necessities that one needs when out and about: a compact, a phone, a blingy ring, a plastic hamburger bun, and a blob of plastic peas. We walked out the door with her wearing Clooney’s Go, Diego, Go! sunglasses…upside down on her face.

While I was waiting at the deli counter at the store, she took out the toy compact and pretended to powder her nose. She made sure her baby doll had a book to read. About half way through the trip, she lost steam and I had to fold the stroller and put her in the cart.

We finished the shopping and went out the car. As I loaded her into her seat, she sighed, closing her eyes and throwing her head back, “I not a mommy any more. It makes me tired.”

Word, that, Princess.


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