Two Days and Counting

The kids are in that heightened state of anticipation that is so beautiful and yet so annoying at the same time.  The house is full of noise and the pounding of their little feet on the floor boards.  Lots of giggling.  Lots of mess. There is so much to do in the next 48 hours.

Edison’s bumming at the moment because the other two are playing without him, even though he has no desire to play princesses. Snow White has lost her head. Ariel’s hair came off. All of them have already done like ten million things. They’ve done crafts, painted pictures, built a tower of blocks, all while leaving breakfasts to petrify in the morning air. It’s 9:20 a.m. They are whirling whirling constant motion. I’m on my second cup of coffee.
In my head, I hear the voice of my grandmother, who helped my father raise us. In Italian, she would sigh, “Pazienza.”


Holiday Prep
There are so many blessings though.  They do make me laugh.

Manfrengensen and I have had a great year.  We laugh.  It’s a good thing. Saturday we took the kids to a playground to try to get some of the energy out of them (which NEVER works, by the way.  Yesterday I took them to the moonbounce place, when we left, the only one worn out was me.)  and it was 30 degrees and windy.  We were all bundled up, and I had my faux-fur-rimmed hood bundled tightly around my face.  Manfrengensen told me I looked like Han Solo on Hoth.

I love that guy.

On a completely separate note:

Am I the only person who thinks it’s totally sick that Michelle Duggar has given birth to an 18th child and is considering a 19th?  I don’t know too much about them, haven’t really been paying attention, but it does seem like I keep tripping over the story whatever site I visit. Are these people like the ones who collect and horde live animals?  I mean, how is it much different than one of those houses where authorities find scores of cats and dogs?

I don’t mean to seem mean, but geez…

I got this kitten one time.  It was born to a mother that had had too many litters.  Stupidest cat I ever had.  Could never get it to crap anywhere but in the sink.  See what I am saying?  Nature doesn’t intend such things.  Just because you can do it, doesn’t make it a good idea. I don’t know.  That’s just my thought.  I’m not saying I’m right about anything, just that I don’t get it.

Perhaps she’s just a better woman than I.  For myself, I confess that three is hard enough.  You only have so much attention you can spread around, and there are only so many hours in a day.

2 Comments on “Two Days and Counting”

  1. The Woman says:

    So, your little ones don’t tire out either? We need to bottle that! As for having 18 of them, that’s just insane.

  2. I’m with you on the Duggers. I don’t follow their life either (same with Jon&Kate&8 or whatever …). I know they have 18 kids, aren’t done yet, and that they all have named beginning with J. But I know how exhausted I am with two kids, so I simply cannot fathom 16+ more.

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