Bush: the Rolling Stone Interview

So, George Bush is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine for the current issue, which features an article it touts as “BUSH Apologizes: The Farewell Interview We Wish He’d Give by Matt Taibbi.”

You know, Rolling Stone, I admire what you want in terms of honesty from this most dishonest of administrations, but you waste your ink with trivial and frankly juvenile fancies by proposing that Bush accuses Condolezza Rice of farting in the Oval Office, or that Colin Powell would mimic Donald Rumsfeld to his face. I can’t get through the whole article, but then, you probably didn’t write it for me. I’m guessing your target market, males 15-25 who treat MTVs Jackass as gospel, probably think it’s hilarious.

Overall though, the article proves what I figured out more than a decade ago: Rolling Stone is in no way any kind of vehicle for serious journalism.



Happy sixth birthday, Clooney! My special guy with super-long eyelashes and heart-shaped nostrils. You make my world a brighter place.  You are my super-nova.





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