Another Thing I Never Imagined Myself Doing

Saturday Manfrengensen had to work, so I took the kids to the Y. The boys have separate tumbling classes in the morning, so I usually put the other ones in babysitting and work out while they have their classes, switching them in or out at the top of the hour.

Saturday though, I was on day three of a migraine, functioning yes, but barely. My plan (I always have one, which must somehow amuse God) was to put one in his tumbling class while I took whichever combination of the other two I had out to the playground while we waited. It was nippy, so I brought a bag of warm weather gear, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. I also brought a book, figuring I would just relax on a bench while they expended some energy climbing and sliding. Pretty good plan right?

Well, I hadn’t even read two sentences before The Princess emptied her bladder into her pants. This, literally one day after I had said to myself, well, she hasn’t had any accidents in a while, guess I don’t need to keep this change of clothes in my car anymore. Ugh. We ran into the family locker room where I rinsed her bottoms, spun them in the bathing suit dryer and then ran them under the hair dryer for at least two dozen cycles.

Can you see it? A woman frantically trying to dry a tiny pair of undies with one of those hand dryers on the wall? One of her kids, the eight-year-old boy, is sitting on a bench near the lockers, leaning on a pile of down coats, a bored look on his face. He’s wishing he had his DS with him. Her daughter is happy as a clam. She’s dancing around the locker room with all the modesty that is normal for a three-year-old to have, which is to say none. Her cherub-esque ass on display for her peers just back from their poliwog swim classes. The room is filled with the sound of the dryer, about as melodic as a vacuum cleaner. Whaaaaaaaah. Done. Again, Whaaaaaaaaaaah. Done. Again…

Got the underwear to the point where she could wear it, but not her pants. Luckily, I had dressed her that day in a dress over skinny-legged pants, so she could make do with just the dress (and squishy sneakers) but at that point, playground was out of the picture.

I put her in babysitting, and after switching Edison into his class, I took Clooney to the lobby where he played his DS for a half hour. It was fun, let me tell you.

Other than that, I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but I have been dealing. Manfrengensen is elbow-deep in work these days, which means that I am treading water over here on my own. Two out of the three of them had pink eye last week, so we were around the house quite a bit.

I can’t wait for Spring.

2 Comments on “Another Thing I Never Imagined Myself Doing”

  1. Oh, my. First, those three-day migraines are killers. Been there, done that more often than I care to count. But while I haven’t done the drying-the-underwear-via-the-bathroom-dryer deal, you can bet your bottom that there’s been many a time when we came very, very close.

    Great post …. you’ve made my best of the week list with this. (Aren’t you honored?)

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