Highway Robbery

A couple of days ago, I thought I might try to get some Green Day tickets for Manfrengensen as a Father’s Day present. It’s been a while (like a few years) since I have attempted to acquire concert tickets for a large-scale venue, and granted, the tickets had gone on sale some weeks ago, but I was immediately disappointed. The only seats I could find were in the nose-bleed sections of the stadium.

billy_joe_armstrongOver on the right hand side of the screen though, was an offer for “premium seats,” and even though the nose bleeds cost three figures, I would have been willing to pay almost twice that price for the better seats. Am I stupid or what? The premium seats (2) cost $3925. And frankly, I find that truly disturbing.

Now, I know I am old. I paid $10.50 (plus a $2.50 handling charge) to see Bruce Springsteen way back when you were probably still watching The Smurfs every Saturday morning. I know ticket prices have increased over the years. But I just couldn’t believe these prices. I paid less than the cost of these Green Day tickets for my first car.

There is something grotesquely out of whack about paying four grand for concert tickets. It’s absurd that they would cost that much in the first place, and absolutely depraved for anyone to pay that much for a single evening’s entertainment. 

But what do I know?


Green Day



4 Comments on “Highway Robbery”

  1. Star says:

    ome I freakin Luv this Pix …=] i have to go n see them when they come into chicago

  2. marie green says:

    greatest band of all time

  3. AsHlEy says:

    heehee Billie joe is hot<3 ^_^

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