Clutter Up, my little dove

I got a note from Edison’s teacher the other day. Edison has been struggling academically a bit this year, and when she took him aside to ask him this week if anything was bothering him, he broke down and admitted that he was worried about me. Me? I said. Seems so. He’s concerned that because I am not working, that I am home alone and lonely.

So I assured him that nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, I am so busy, that before I know it, it’s time for them to come home from school. In fact, I am happier overall than I have been in a long, long time.

Just kind of amusing, the way a 10-year-old can view the world.

Overall, I had a tough time as a mom this week, though. I think when you first become a mother, you get into this habit of kind of telling them what to do, because they don’t know how to do anything. I’m finding that habit a little hard to break. I keep having to remind myself to let the leash out further. Don’t worry, I’m not any kind of tiger mom, but I am a bit of a control freak. And then , when I see control freak tendencies in my kids, I wonder where that’s coming from….duh.


Anyway, I did get rid of a few things in my 2,011 Things decluttering project.

First of all, I did get to Macy’s to return those pants. I ended up buying a pair of jeans and a blouse though…so does that still count? You may disagree, but for now, I am going to choose to allow it.


Things Recycled:

5) two boxes from the boots I bought earlier in the month that have been sitting in the living room.

6) two cellphones

7) one box full of spent printer ink cartridges


Things given away to charity:

8)two dozen melamine character plates and bowls from when the kids were little that have been taking up space in my cabinets.

9) set of curtains from the windows of the master bedroom in our old house that don’t fit the windows in the new one.


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