More decluttering and a little help from the wind

Made some progress in the decluttering project this week. I went through my bathroom and bedside table and got rid of the following:

15) bottle of great-smelling body lotion that had only a little bit left in the bottom rendering it impossible to extract. It’s been a fixture in the bathroom for about two years.

16) A man-sized Guess watch I haven’t worn during the 21st Century

17) another ladies watch I can say the same about

18) another sunglasses clip

19) over-the-ear ear bud headphones (hate those)

20 and 21) two small photo frames, never used

22) Victorian replica brooch (never-worn) I’d been saving for some sentimental reason, but I can no longer recall the sentiment.

23) old night light that looks like a lamp shade that The Princess never really took to

24) small wooden jewelery box that I haven’t used in years

Also, during a walk through the garage, I happened to notice these two things:

25) unopened Bob the Builder computer CD-ROM game

26) a little car book/craft that Clooney never used


This week brought a lot of wind to my neighborhood. We recently moved from the city to the ‘burbs and the increased number of trees is a little frightening in times like these. One morning, I found this in our yard:



Manfrengensen says it reminds him of something from Braveheart. When we removed it, the hole was more than an inch deep. Lucky it didn’t land on someone’s head, or come through a window, huh?

One Comment on “More decluttering and a little help from the wind”

  1. Dennis says:

    It’s an Excitable Yard, they all said.

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