Chasing colors in the night

The Princess has a habit of climbing into our bed when we are most vulnerable, too out of it to refuse or carry her back to her own. She forges her way up from the foot, bounding between us and then proceeds to elbow us to the outer edges of the mattress. She is not a sound or still sleeper, thrashing back and forth, pulling at the covers which generally prevents us from having any kind of proper sleep whatsoever.

And then last night, she spoke, somewhere around 4:30 a.m. loudly, so that I was jolted from the shoreline of my own slumber, “MOM,” she barked, “Do blue and red make green?”

“Wha??” I was pulling at the cottony sinews of my brain, “No,” I answered, too tired to respond that they made purple.

A moment passed and I started to drift back, before she called out, “ORANGE?”

“No,” I said, now fully awake. I propped up on an elbow to look at her, and she was totally out, back to snoring.


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