Valentine’s “Meh” list (Egghead23 Edition)

1. Couples Massage

2. Gifts from Victoria’s Secret

3. Singing Cards

4. Jane Seymour designs

5 Any kind of chocolate that’s filled with fruity cream (like strawberry or orange…that may even make the “bleh” list)

6. “Special” 3-Course Valentine’s Dinner for 2 at Olive Garden…or Arby’s

3 Comments on “Valentine’s “Meh” list (Egghead23 Edition)”

  1. rachelc says:

    I would take any of these…

    1) This means I am getting a massage. Don’t care who else is involved.
    2) Depends on what it is, but I do think they have quality goods.
    3) Little man loves these, and his smile would be worth the pain.
    4) Where there’s cream-filled candy, there’s usually caramels and/or nuts.
    5) I’m making us dinner tonight… if someone else wants to cook and clean, who am I to begrudge?

  2. Dennis says:

    On a dare, do you think you would be able to slug down two portions of horsey sauce right out of the squeezy packets? I’m talking rip off the top and squirt right into your mouth. Because then the trip to Arbys would totally be worth it. Is Arby’s even still open? Is it right next to Pappy’s? BTW I could totally drink horsey sauce if need be (and at some point there will be a need.)

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