Countdown to Terminator Salvation

New trailer.  Looks awesome.


Termination of Excitement

Sitting in the theater on Saturday night, I was thrilled to see a preview for Terminator Salvation.  Totally psyched to see Christian Bale cast as John Connor.  Are you kidding me?? Perfect casting as far as I am concerned.  It would be a long wait until next summer.


Even with half a terminator face, he’s still got nice hair.

Then tonight, I decided to investigate further.  Checking out the site, my heart sank, and I groaned aloud at the computer.

“What’s up?” Manfrengensen asked me.

“Guess who’s directing Terminator Salvation.”

“Tony Scott,” he guessed.

“Worse,” I said.

“Michael Bay.”


“Worse than Michael Bay?”


“Who could be worse than Michael Bay?” he joked.


And he chuckled, “McG.”

Fucking McG.  Every action movie he’s ever made is all flash and no substance. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and even the TV show Chuck…They make no sense to me at all.  It’s just all about stunts and blowing stuff up.  BORING.  Well, I guess it’s a good thing, because now my enthusiasm has been sufficiently dampened. I still hope it’s a good movie, but those hopes aren’t high, even with this awesome trailer:


If the Batman franchise has taught Hollywood anything, let’s hope it’s that the script matters.