Great moment in a great day of being a mom today.  I took hold of one of the supersoakers, as the kids were complaining that they couldn’t get it to work.  They just weren’t pumping enough air into it, so I fixed it and squirted all five of them, (they had friends over from across the street) while shouting, “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!”  They all ran, squealing in that delightful way little kids do.


barn owlToday we were sitting at lunch and J said he thought barn owls were an endangered species.  I said I wasn’t so sure.  He claimed never to have seen one, so I asked, “Well, how many barns have you been in?”

“One,” he said, and went on to reason that since he hadn’t seen one there, they must be rare.

“I’ve been in a barn,” T3 chimed in.

“Oh, Yeah?” we asked.

“No,” he giggled, “it was actually a Barnes and Noble.  I’ve been in a Barnes and Noble.”