Off to a good start

Happy New Year!

Okay, I realize I am more than two weeks late with that, but I have been busy cleaning up from the holidays and preparing for Clooney’s 8th birthday, which, in addition to the hours I have wasted on Facebook, have taken up a great deal of my time. Oh, and I finally finished Tom Rachman’s The Imperfectionists, which was good, but took like a month, for some reason.

So to catch up, I will be embarking on an endeavor that has been inspired by my friend, Betty and Boo’s Mom to help declutter my house and hopefully finish the process of moving in that I began five months ago. The idea is to get rid of 2,011 things. Today, I cleaned the room I share with Manfrengensen and disposed of (don’t ask me why these items were in my room):

1) a pink Disney castle playset that my mother-in-law gave to Edison when he was younger than The Princess, that no one has played with in years because many of the pieces were broken.

2) one of three felt-antler-and-light-up-nose sets the kids got before Christmas.

3 and 4) collected two pairs of pants that didn’t fit, put them together with the receipts and put them in my car to take back to Macy’s.

Getting them to Macy’s will be another story. But hey, the whole process is invigorating. I’m just looking around the house with wide crazy eyes for something to add to the list. 2,007 things to go.

I also collected a whole lot of loose change that was on Manfrengensen’s bureau and paid the boys their back allowance/wages. That got rid of quite a few quarters and dimes. Next time, I will use the nickels and pennies.


One thing to say about the Golden Globes at the moment (and I could go on, believe me…) I know he’s gotten some negative flack today, but I thought Ricky Gervais was hilarious. (I also thought David Letterman was a hilarious Oscar host, so take that however you want.)  If you can’t laugh at yourself for a few hours, despite the fact that you spend 364+ days a year getting your hiney kissed, then you’re no fun at all. I hope to post some best and worst dressed (according to both myself and The Princess) later in the week.