The Mood

Doesn’t it seem like a lot of people around you are angry?  It’s all because of gas prices, I think.  Well, gas prices and the cost of living in general.  People don’t have anything extra.  And when you don’t have anything extra, you don’t have a lot of mirth.

Manfrengensen was at the local Walgreen’s yesterday, and the guy in front of him paid a $40 tab with two dollar bills.  “Times are hard,” the man told the cashier.  He was cashing in bills he’d been saving for three decades.  Guess he thought they’d be worth something someday.  And they were — but the value was only two dollars.

Remember when the bottom fell out of the Beanie Baby market?


First boogie boarding of 2008.  The water was 55 degrees.Going to J’s “moving up” ceremony in a bit.  He turns eight today.  Eight – the “forty” of childhood.  It’s all downhill from here.  Next thing you know, childhood will be over.  He’ll be telling us what’s what with Santa and the Tooth Fairy.  Hair’s going to sprout in places.  His voice will change.  It’s all just around the bend.  Bittersweet. I took this photo of him on Memorial Day after his inaugural boogie board ride for the season.  The water was 55 degrees.

See my stepmom’s expression there in the background? That’s the look of “The Mood.”  The face you see on everyone.

Goose Chase

So now it’s summer, and as always, I am shopping for the unattainable.  Today I wonder, is it possible to find a sleeveless summer shirt that won’t expose my conspicuous cleavage?  I have all these photos of me and my kids at Disney World last year, and every time I look at them I think, Ooh, there are the kids with Cinderella….and my rack. I know this goes against the current fashion mindset, but when it comes to that kind of exposure, I beg to differ.  Less is more.