MacGyver: The Movie

I heard they’re going to make it with a shoe string, two matches and a bottlecap.


Seriously though, who’s going to pay to see that?




Last night Manfrengensen and I finally watched 3:10 to Yuma.  I didn’t get it, though I am not a huge fan of the western genre. Manfrengensen said he liked it until the final scene, when he thought it fell apart. Anyway, about a third of the way into it, I asked aloud, “Who directed this?” and at the end of the film, the credits told us: James Mangold (of Copland and Identity fame.)  Manfrengensen quipped, “Yeah, as in ‘Mangold‘ the third act.” He’s punny that way.

Mayor McCheeseI promised him I would attribute that line to him, not that I had originally planned to write about it here, but his vehement defense of intellectual property made me bring it up.  He likes to think that I steal all his best lines because one time he overheard me telling my boss one of his jokes.  I think it was the one about the movie The Devil’s Own.  Do you remember that one with Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford? Manfrengensen had said at the time that Brad Pitt’s accent was “about as Irish as Mayor McCheese.”


More about Iron Man:  I am sure you have heard by now that Marvel plans to bring out the sequel on April 30, 2010.  And there’s a whole slough of other superhero movies coming from Marvel as well including Thor, Captain America and The Avengers.  Tony Stark’s got a cameo in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie and there’s talk of Bruce Banner showing up in the Iron Man sequel.  Fanboys everywhere must be so excited!

Ugh-I just read that Tom Cruise is in talks with Paramount to make Mission Impossible 4.  Is that necessary?  Seriously.  Please. Don’t.  I don’t have a problem with Tom Cruise, but I do have a problem with movies that stink. Didn’t Mission Impossible 3 suck enough? I can’t say that it was the worst movie ever, but it’s definitely in the running.