McCain Has a “Senior Moment” on Meet the Press


Incidentally, yesterday one of those Secretaries of State, Lawrence Eagelberger said of Palin, “of course” she’s not ready to be president, adding “I devoutly hope that [she] would never be tested.”

Meanwhile, McCain claims that Palin has been a “uniting force” for the Republican party.  Where’s that dream world, and why can’t I ever visit that kind of utopia?  I once saw this documentary on Ronald Reagan.  It said that he was the child of alcoholics, and went on to point out that those kind of people tend to invent their own realities as a coping mechanism.  Thus they believe their own lies.  I’ve thought of that line often these past few months.  I just wonder if that kind of upbringing is what’s behind the selling of these lies.

Speaking of “senior moments,” yesterday McCain called Joe the Plumber a “true American hero.”  WHAT???  Is he a firefighter?  A soldier?  A police officer?  No.  He snakes the drains of Ohio.  He happened to ask Obama a question that has given McCain a rallying cry, even if it is a whopper of a lie.  And now, Joe the Plumber is in talks to become Joe the Country Singer…no wait, wait, he’s Joe the Book Author…no wait, wait, he’s Joe Might-Run-For-Congress…no, make that Joe Just-Hired-Eddie-Money’s-Publicist.  Actually, he’s plain old Joe Who’s-Milking-These-Fifteen-Minutes-For-All-They’re-Worth.  And that truly is the American Dream of the 21st-Century.

If Joe the Plumber is an American hero, then this country really is going down the toilet in a swirling stew of turd.

On last night’s Countdown, Keith Oldbermann referred to McCain’s campaign staff as a “clown college.”  YES!  Who are these bozos?  Who’s telling McCain to keep pushing Joe the Plumber?  Why aren’t they encouraging crowds at their rallies to vote early like Obama is? Where is the loyalty?  That staff has more leaks than a cheap diaper.  Who releases an “internal poll” six days before the election?  It’s mind-boggling.  Ideals aside — the ultra-poor running of McCain’s entire campaign is reason enough not to deserve the presidency.  They are as clueless as the current president.

And another thing that really bothers me:  McCain never talks about the economy, or the middle class, or education.  His message is exclusively about the other guy.  But I want to know, Senator McCain, what are you really going to do for the country?  Which direction do you want to take us, and how exactly are we going to get there?


On a completely unrelated note: This is the 100th post on this blog.