Palin’ in Comparison

Can I just tell you that I barely slept last night? That speech really upset me. It was the most hateful thing I have ever heard. Obama is right — the Republicans (and let’s face it, that’s who wrote the speech, the party, not Palin herself) are so focused on image and “the culture war” because they have no new ideas for the economy, the war, or the world at large.


The Hot Chick

The Hot Chick

And what she said about her husband…I have blocked the exact words from my mind…but it made. me. CRINGE. (To be fair, I think she said something about his being a “quite a package”, and I guess that’s as bad as Biden referring to his wife as “drop dead gorgeous.”  They are both personal opinions that should be kept personal.)

For her (and Guliani) to belittle Obama’s community organizing was really troubling for me. Shame on them. If not for people who work all over this country at the community level, millions of Americans would flounder. And I am not just talking about the people Republicans like to think of as “deadbeats” who don’t deserve help.  Even my local library couldn’t run without the help of people in the community.  You know why?  Because the government doesn’t provide enough funding.

Her points on community service reminded me of Jon Stewart’s joke last week about how “everyone knows the Republicans love America. They just hate half the people living in it.” Republicans seem to constantly accuse the Democrats of being “elitist,” but I thought Palin’s speech included some of the most elitist, demeaning phrases I have ever heard.

What bothers me most about Palin’s candidacy is this: The Republicans have spent the last eight years scaring the CRAP out of us about terrorism. We need someone strong in the White House to protect us, etc. McCain is SEVENTY-TWO years old, and life-expectancies for men in our country average 78. What if something happened to him?? Oh, my god…if they get elected, I’m going out to the yard and digging a bunker.

At least Obama has been abroad, and many times. At least he (and Biden) have been experiencing and thinking about the world and our country’s role in it for years.

I liked McCain going in, I reallly did. I was always going to vote for Obama, but I did have respect for McCain the Senator and some of the things he was talking about doing in the beginning of the run. But now, I feel like the Republicans have taken over his campaign and are steering him toward this base that has gotten us where we are in the first place. In my opinion, he’s just coming off now like he’s this addled old man being led to the altar by the dark powers behind him.

Those same powers have run this country into the GROUND for their own capital gain. Have increased terrorism abroad with an ill-advised war for oil. Have sold our children’s futures with an out-of-control deficit, funded by other countries that our kids will have to pay.


Put that baby to bed where he belongs!

Put that baby to bed where he belongs!

Ugh. The sight of her little DS baby being used to garner votes, made me sick last night. Who’s keeping a five-month-old up that late??? It’s like those people who take their kids to the R-rated 10:00 show because they don’t want to pay for a sitter. Sickening. I tossed and turned in bed all night, just sickened by the things I witnessed on television last night.


How can you claim to be the party of change, when your party is already in power? Doesn’t that point straight to the hypocracy that is the GOP?? How can you claim to be for family values when you shacked up with your current wife before you left your last one, as McCain did? Doesn’t that strike anyone as hypocritical?

I know that’s image and “culture war” that I am focusing on, but come on. Shouldn’t the Republicans use their convention to actually tell us their PLAN FOR THE COUNTRY’S FUTURE?? I don’t want to see attack dogs. I want to see THE PLAN that’s going to get our country out of this economic hole. Safely out of this war I was against from the beginning. I watched all of the Democratic speeches. Yeah, there was some mud-slinging, but they did present a plan. And that plan gave me hope. At least it gave me hope.

Tell you what — after Biden’s speech, at least I didn’t have thoughts of building a bunker in the yard.