Generation Text

Everywhere I go these days, the teens are thumbing their phones. Heading to the beach, there are usually two girls there checking for beach tags. They never look up though. They’re just sitting there, side-by-side, heads down, thumbs punching away at their phones. We go for ice cream, and the kids are all hanging around the parlor, texting, texting, texting. Kids are standing over their bikes, stopped and texting. They’re standing outside the Quiki Mart texting. They’re waiting on line at the mall or the movies, and the whole time they’re texting. The world to them is one big twittilation it seems.

I used to think that texting was to the current generation what writing was to lovers in the nineteenth century. It was something you only did with only your innermost circle, your truest love or your best friends. Now I see it for what it really is. It’s like conversation was when I was their age.