Calgon, take me away!

Just having a rough one. The kids were up before the sun. My oldest one…I think he believes we are farmers or something. Then, after getting him off to school and the man off to work, the little one and I had our breakfast and played a bit. Around 9:15 I started to get him ready for his tumbling class at the Y, but he was uncooperative. He wanted to play in his room, so he fought and kicked the whole time I was dressing him. Somewhere in there, he hit his head on a drawer and screamed even more. It took lots of cuddling, bouncing and belly raspberries to calm him.

Then I washed and dressed, and we came downstairs. He fought putting his coat and hat on, screaming the whole time. Finally got him outside, and when we got in the garage, he broke free of me and ran around the car. He cried and screamed, twisting and becoming invertibrate the whole way into his car seat, somewhere in there, his ankle got twisted and he screamed even more. Finally got him in there, and turned on the engine. The clock said 10:34. His class had started at 10. What was I thinking?

So, we went to a certain donut place that makes little donut holes he likes, and we had a nice time. Picked up the older one, came home and I made them lunch, burning my arm on the toaster oven in the process. Now they are eating from their paper plates, the little one humming the Zoo Pals theme.

Is it nap time yet?

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