Went the the movies the other night with the man, and there were several previews for upcoming films that I’d like to give a review of. Here goes:

THE WEDDING DATE – Single girl hires a gigolo to be her date for her sister’s wedding, and (hope I’m not going out on a limb here) the two fall in love. This sounds a lot like Pretty Woman with the gender roles reversed. It’s PRETTY MAN!

THE HONEYMOONERS – Remake of the classic sit-com with a racial twist; the cast is African American. I think both Jackie Gleason and Thurgood Marshall are spinning in their graves over this one. Not only is it an awful premise, but it looks as though it sets the worst African American stereotypes back about thirty years.

ICE PRINCESS – Ugly duckling figures out how to ice-skate a triple jump using calculus and thus finds her own inner beauty. Is it me, or is this a chick flick?

MOVIE LINE OF THE DAY: I’ve seen better film on teeth! – GET SHORTY –

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