There you go…

The New York Times said the same thing about “The Wedding Date”, by the way.

Haven’t written much this week, because our idiot president’s rhetoric has me so pissed that my thoughts are constipated. I have this to say about privitizing Social Security though: NO. I hate that the administration uses the fear smear to push every agenda they’ve got. Maybe if they were straight JUST ONCE, I could agree with something. But as soon as they start with the bullshit hyperbole, I just shut down. Seriously though: Privitizing Social Security: NO.

Ossie Davis died today. This has made me really sad for some reason. Liked him. He was the best thing about Joe Vs. the Volcano. He played Marshall, the chauffeur.

Marshall: So, what kind of clothes you got?
Joe: I got the kind of clothes I’m wearing.
Marshall: So, you got no clothes.

And also, of course, he was great as the Mayor in Do the Right Thing. It was he who uttered the title line.

Wrigley: Do you have a green salad?
Waitress: What the fuck color would it be?

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