Keeping Advil in Business

Took my kid to Chuck E.Cheese’s for the first time yesterday. The atmosphere wasn’t too bad, though I wouldn’t want to go there on a weekend. The guy in the Chuck E. Cheese suit acted as if he’d drawn the short straw, and thus had to be the one to put on the outfit. When he waved to the kids, his elbows barely got above his hips. Not exactly Disney caliber. Plus the food — I’d been warned about the food — but oh, man, nasty stuff. Even the salad looked like it had spent time in a microwave.

In the next town over from mine, there has been a rash of home burglaries, mostly targeting elderly residents. Today’s headline has citizens asking if they can shoot invaders. Ain’t that America…..

(from Miller’s Crossing)

“The old man’s still an artist with a Thompson.”

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