Never should have cracked that atom in the first place…

North Korea….scary. Now, here’s an example of a crazy guy who actually WAS working on getting a nuclear weapon. I’m no international relations scholar, but I can tell you what’s on the diplomatic horizon: a whole lot of scary.

But hey, go back to watching American Idol. Don’t worry about it. Condi’s got it covered…..

Oh, this was also sickening: On the way home today, I saw a bumper sticker that said: “Crime Control Not Gun Control.” I wanted to follow that guy and write a few choice thoughts on his car in Magic Marker.
I just thought: What an asshole. He also, coincidentally, had a Bush/Cheney bumbersticker along with some kind of pro-war slogan. On a Volvo of all things…..

(I think it’s from THE FLY remake, but not sure if that is originally…)

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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