Bye-bye, Bubba!

From AP:

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – He spent decades dodging lobster pots, but in the end, Bubba was done in by a trip to the zoo.
The 22-pound lobster died yesterday at the Pittsburgh Zoo, about a day after he was moved there from a fish market.
Bubba died in a quarantine area of the zoo’s aquarium, where he was being checked out to see if he was healthy enough to travel to a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum.
Experts will examine Bubba to try to figure out why he died, but the owner of the fish market thinks it had to do with the stress of the move. Bob Wholey says lobsters are “very finicky.”
Bubba had spent about a week at Wholey’s Market after being caught off the coast of Massachusetts.
Marine biologists estimate Bubba was 30 to 50 years old.

Just another case of MAN vs. NATURE. I wonder who gets to eat the thing. Last year the Wall Street Journal ran a piece that found that despite conventional wisdom, larger weight lobsters are actually quite tasty. The writer of the piece ate a 40-lb lobster!

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