My oldest son seems to be going “commando” at every opportunity. He may start out the day wearing underwear, but when I go to put his pajamas on at night, they aren’t there. He claims to think it’s silly. I tend to agree. But is there anything more going on there? Are they not comfortable or something?I tried buying him bigger shorts, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. In fact, I just went into the powder room, where I found two pairs of Spider Man underwear stuffed in the magazine holder, one pair of Finding Nemo’s hidden behind the pedestal sink, and a Bob the Builder tucked under the toilet tank.

Now that’s silly.

Today was another one of those. First of all, the hospital induced my sister-in-law, so the baby should be here by tomorrow.

Today I finally made it to the swim class I signed up for a month ago. I haven’t been able to get there because of various snowstorms, child illnesses etc. So I get there ten minutes early, but I had to wait twenty minutes for a slot to open in the babysitting room for my two-year-old. Then, I got to class, spent fifteen minutes in there (it was great) before some kid vomitted in the pool, and we all had to be evacuated.
That’s all I have to say about that…

(from Caddyshack)

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