Don’t cry for me….

I’m in the mood for a bagel. But I’ve got no bagels. Do I load the kid up and take him out in the pouring rain? Yeah, not too keen on that idea. But bagel….

Interesting thing yesterday: I was dressing the two year old, who was lying on his changing table. I bent down to a lower drawer to get his clothes, couldn’t have been more than 10 seconds, and when I came back up, he had somehow gotten a bottle of baby Motrin open and poured it all over himself. STICKY STICKY MAN.

Haven’t written much lately. I’ve kind of been addicted to CNN, which is awful, because it sucks. First of all, how can I take the news seriously when they do ten minutes on American Idol? I mean, that is NOT news. That’s selling a product. Then, this whole Schiavo case. First of all, I think it was unconstitutional for Congress to get involved. Some of the things Bush has said regarding the husband have made me sick, and I just can’t really go on too much about it, because it gets me too wound up. Any other administration, and this would not be an issue. The far right has got such a strangle-hold on this country, it’s distressing. When’s it going to swing the other way? When will logic and reason again be championed?

And the baseball thing too — anything to keep our focus off a war that’s taken more than 1500 American lives, 20,000 civilian lives and wounded thousands upon thousands of others. Keep us asking about steroids in the majors, not when we are going to bring our troops home.

And another thing — why do we have private firms servicing the military? Is that not something the military once did for itself? I mean, we didn’t have private firms servicing the military in WWII, right? The army supplied all of the food, paper products, and other things that the military needed, right? You know who orchestrated the whole privatization of military servicing? Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, under Bush the First. And you know what he got for that? He got to be CEO of Halliburton, the same company that was given a no-bid FIVE-YEAR contract to service the military in Iraq. The same Halliburton that Congress voted not to investigate last week; voted not to follow up on findings by the General Accounting Office and other organizations that have suggested Halliburton of mismanaging fund in Iraq. The same Halliburton that cannot substantiate almost 1.8 BILLION dollars in fees for services in Iraq. Who’s paying for that? Oh, right, that would be you and your kids and their kids.

I remember there was an uproar about ten years ago about how the military got charged like $500 for a toilet seat or whatever. That was probably the impetus for privatization. But I bet now we’re paying twice that at least.

Okay, I am going to stop now before I spiral out of control like the cost of this war…..

(Raising Arizona)
H.I. – I’ll be taking the Huggies…and whatever cash you got.

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