I may seem a bit to the left politically if you are one of my avid readers. I don’t think of myself as a socialist or a liberal or any of that. I think of myself as a humanist. I think people should be treated with humanity and understanding, is that really too much to ask? I am a believer in the ideals of Christ, but not all that born-again stuff, I’m talking about actual kindness and empathy. I’m talking about love.

Of course, watching the news and living among humanity make that a difficult task…

My husband says that if we were living in the Fifties, under the era of McCarthy, he has no doubt that I would have been hauled away by the authorities with a bag over my head, cuffed and shaming our families. He’s probably right, but I say, hey, those days might be coming back. Lord knows, these people haven’t learned from the mistakes of the past…hell, if it’s not on the standardized test, they don’t even teach it anymore.

I say, the horizon is very grey today.

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