The best part was Nick Cage’s hairpiece….

We watched “National Treasure” on Friday night. It reminded us of Bo Catlett’s line in “Get Shorty”: “I’ve seen better film on teeth!” The story was so far-fetched, the script was awful, the “comic relief” character was the most annoying thing in the world, and Nick and the love interest had less chemistry than I did in high school. (And believe me — that’s saying something!) They were kind of going for a “DaVinci Code” kind of mystery, every clue leads to another clue, etc. but it was totally anachronistic, plus the film had no sense of time. One night they’re in Dc, next thing you know, it’s an afternoon in Philadelphia, no wait, now they are in New York, oh, and in the end they go to Boston. The best part was how Nick Cage had lots of different hairpieces, one for serious guy, one if the wind was blowing a certain way, etc, etc, etc. We had a lot of laughs, though I don’t think that’s what the writers or director intended.

By the way, I heard the song of the day in the restroom while I was out to dinner on Friday, and I can’t shake it….I’m not proud, it’s just there.

Went to the beach for an overnight this weekend. On the way, the five-year-old started asking “are we almost there?” He has this theory about a trip being broken up into tenths. I don’t know what his concept of “tenths” is, but when we told him we were about half-way there, he said, “Do you mean five/tenths?” We were kind of blown away there.

In other news, the little one slept in a bed for the first time this weekend. He did pretty well, though that was just at the beach, so he was glad to come home to his crib. The funny thing was that when I went into their room at 5:30 this morning (the older one was calling me because “the sun is up”) the little one was sleeping perpendicularly to the headboard with his little butt in the air. It was really cute.

In other entertainment news, I really liked “Revenge of the Sith.” Looking forward to seeing it again sometime.

I’m a little sad that the season of Deadwood is over. It was a good one….though I can’t wait to see who Garret Dillahut will be recast as next season.

(from The Incredibles)

HONEY BEST: ‘Greater good?’ I am your wife! I’m the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

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