Kodak Moment

Today my husband picked up the five-year-old from school, and when they came through the door, the little one dropped everything, screamed “JAKE! HI!” and ran over to hug his brother tightly. I think it was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

They have been forming a kind of alliance, all their lives, but I’ve especially noticed it over the last few weeks. The little one is totally under my feet when his brother is at school. It’s then that he feels like a baby to me, always coming over to be held and cuddled. I love it. (He’s a pretty busy kid, not a lot of time for affection. Today he spent a half hour dragging laundry from the laundry room and trying to stuff it into his trucks. I didn’t say anything, but it’s really hard to stuff a queen-size sheet into a Little People school bus. He did his best though.) When his brother gets home, he no longer clings to me. I’m just the person who fills the sippy cups and kisses the boo-boos. The two of them are off in their own world, playing and sharing lots of laughs. Not that there’s never a disagreement, but it’s so great that they are close.

I actually do join in the fun a bit too. Today we played Elefun for almost an hour. That’s a game where a fan inside a plastic elephant blows these little tissue paper “butterflies” into the air through its trunk, and you try to catch them in a little butterfly net. It’s kind of fun, even though the butterflies don’t fly out of the trunk like they do in the TV ad for the game. It’s mostly fun just hearing them laugh.

We just completed renovating our yard with a new patio and improved landscaping. I love it; it’s fabulous; I can’t wait for it to stop raining so I can spend some time there. In between rain showers, I have been out there planting flowers (mostly impatients….my signiature flower, for good reason). Stepping on new sod is kind of like stepping on a toupe, I imagine….

My husband came up with a really good line about “National Treasure”. He calls it “The DaVinci Commode”.

Love that guy.

(from “Throw Mama From the Train”)
OWEN: [ After their car has gone off the road, and it’s going through a bunch of bushes.) This is good. It’s like the Flintstones car wash!

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