The Eternal Optimist

My parents are taking the kids away for the weekend, and the forecast at the beach, where they are going, is rainy all weekend with highs in the low- to mid-sixties.  So my step-mom called me today to ask if I have any “windbreakers” for them.  I said they have fleece things, and they have raincoats.  “Fleece?” she asked, “Not nylon?”  I said they were fleece, but had some nylon incorporated, and assured her that they would “break wind.”

A few hours later, I spoke to my father.  He wanted to know whether I was sending their bathing suits down.  I told him I thought it was going to be cold and rainy this weekend.  “Well, Saturday’s supposed to be a high of 68,”  he smiled. My father — the eternal optimist when it comes to beach weather.  He always believes it’s going to clear, always has faith that it will be warm enough for beach activities. Could be a nor’easter, he can see the bit of blue sky on its horizon. It’s quite an endearing quality in him, actually.

Filling the bucket 2004

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