Baby Mama

We also went to see Baby Mama the other night.  I really like Tina Fey, but I still had low Tina Fey Baby Mamaexpectations for this one.  Have to say that though she was trying her best, it’s one of those movies that the more you think about, the worse it gets.  Kind of boring, at least 20 minutes too long, and I saw the ending coming from the concession stand.

It was the kind of movie where you’ve already seen all the comedy bits in the trailers and commercials and there really wasn’t much more to it.  There’s a plot twist where it turns out the surrogate isn’t really carrying her baby, but only conning her for the money, but then — ha, ha, turns out she is pregnant, just not with the surrogate baby, but you know what?  I really did not care.

Good to see a movie where women star so prominently for a change, just sad that it was so boring and emotionally contrived.  Speaking of the “feminist angles” of the movie, I didn’t know whether to applaud or be appalled by the reference to a woman’s “taint,” which I had previously thought to be crude humor for only the male undercarriage.

One other thing  — why does EVERY movie for/about women have to include a scene where they dance around the house and sing??  Why?  Every. Movie. Seriously, I want to know why.




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