An Attempt, Albeit Failed, To Start Her Young On the Grammar

The Princess just had me change a Barbie into Cinderella Barbie’s dress so that the doll didn’t look like a tramp any more.

“Her looks beautiful!” The Princess exclaimed, and I corrected her.

“She,” I said,” SHE looks beautiful.”

And The Princess grinned, “Yes, she does.”


I have been the Super Mom so far this week.  Yesterday The Princess and I started her in a tumbling class that she took right to.  And I think it made her happier all day.  She didn’t really fight me on anything all day, even though she was tired, and we had a lot of laughs.

We also had a few errands to run after the tumbling, including a stop at PetSmart to pick up THE FISH.


Edison and Clooney have been angling for fish since before the summer.  We first put them off with the excuse that we travel a lot in the summer, and therefor it might be hard to keep the little suckers alive.  Then when autumn came, I put them off with the idea that I didn’t know where we would put the tank.

Well, Friday we were in that shopping center, and I took them over there, because it’s kind of like a free trip to the zoo, and they started with the fish thing.

Goldfish in this one, but its the same tank.

Goldfish in this one, but it's the same tank.

It seemed like almost everything was on sale at the store, trying to get rid of holiday stock I guess. Heading for the automatic doors, I noticed a tank that looked cool and wasn’t much in the way of an initial (and let’s be honest with ourselves – ultimately fruitless) investment.

And so we bought the thing, with them in my wake, and at least in my mind’s memory they were chanting, “FISH TANK! FISH TANK! FISH TANK!”

We prepped the water over the weekend, and as of yesterday became the proud owners of three fancy-tailed guppies. The boys were so excited that they ran right up there when they got home from school without even bothering to take their coats off.

Edison named two of them: Red Tail and Red-Red. Clooney named the other one “Anthony.”


One other thing I have been meaning to mention, in case you are thinking about starting your new year with a diet:

I’m still doing the Jenny Craig, and it is working out well.  So far, I have lost 26 pounds in 16 weeks.  I have another nine to go to get to my goal.  Overall, it has been easy to follow, and I have enjoyed the food, though there have been times when I have gotten into a rut with the things I like, and that makes me kind of bored with the selection.

The holidays were tough, but I still did well.  I stuck to the diet, but gave myself Christmas Eve and Christmas dinners off.  There have been other times when we have been out to dinner or lunch, so I haven’t had EVERY meal for the last four months on Jenny Craig. But I watch my portions, and I think about what I am eating.  So far, I’ve kept losing, and that’s a pretty good feeling.

I’m not big on working out, but I have been doing that as well for the last few weeks.  I hate to go, but after I do, I feel really good too.  My goal is to be in a bikini this summer….lofty.

One Comment on “An Attempt, Albeit Failed, To Start Her Young On the Grammar”

  1. Excellent job with the weight loss! You’re doing great. And with the fish, we’re considering the same thing … I don’t know. We’ll see.

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