Scuttlebutt as News

At the gym yesterday, I caught several minutes of CNN, and the pundits and anchors were all in a tizzy about Vice-President-Elect Biden’s visit to Afghanistan and the Middle East.  They implied and debated about how his visit was a stab in the back to future Secretary of State Clinton, that Biden might somehow undercut her in the region.



Why would that be?  Why would we assume that members of an administration, a team if you will, could not work in tandem? What does CNN and the pundits think Biden should do?  Sit around picking drapes for the oval office? They all seem shocked and even a bit against the idea that Biden will work in a co-capacity with the president, as if a team-oriented vice president is somehow more abhorrent than the shadow one we’ve had for the last eight years.

Why is the media so stupid?


This was actually a joke by the Daily Show, but not so far from the truth of CNN’s usual content that Manfrengensen and I found ourselves wondering if it was real. Cooper afterall, is one of the many anchors who will do a whole show in high-water pants just to prove the severity of the weather.



This guy’s goofy, but he’s stressing my point aptly:


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