Spring Break: Day 2

It’s raining and the kids are wrestling in the living room. Thought I’d give you a list of the things they invariably tend to bicker over:

Opening the door of the house.

Opening the door of the car.

If they all have to sit in the middle row, the boys fight over the brown booster seat.

If someone is allowed to sit in the back row, they fight over whose turn it is to do so.

Yesterday they fought over whose turn it was to ride back there first for this outing, even though one of them had been the last one back there the day before, which meant clearly that it was the other’s turn to ride.

Closing the door of the car.

The Princess will also fight me over the buckling of her seat belts.

Controlling the remote for the DVD player in the car.

Pushing the elevator buttons.

Pushing the buttons to activate any automatic doors.

Helping me load the clothes washer.

Closing the detergent dispenser drawer.

Who is making too much noise when Edison is trying to practice piano.

Who gets to curl up in Mom’s blanket while they are watching TV.

Who gets to sit in Mom’s “usual” spot on the sofa.

“She’s banging on the piano!” (As if I can’t hear that for myself.)

Whose turn it is to watch his or her show.

“She’s touching my cars!”

“He’s touching my dolls!”

He won’t play with me.

She won’t play with me.

They won’t play with me.

Edison’s not letting me play Wii.

Clooney won’t let me take my turn on the computer.

“Gimme those back!”


“No, mine!”



Who gets to turn off the sprinkler.


Those are just the ones I can think of at the moment. They always seem to surprise me with the arguments they are capable of conjuring. I’m sure both my mother and my grandmother (who lived with us and helped my father raise my sibs and me) are both having a laugh somewhere. After all, their prophecies have come to pass: I have kids who are  just like we were.

Happy holidays, all!

Thanks for stopping.


One Comment on “Spring Break: Day 2”

  1. The Woman says:

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, mine bicker over who is older and who is bigger. They’re four years apart, so these aren’t even debatable topics.

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