This was kind of cool

The other day I ordered an audiobook from my local library. I like to read at the gym, but  I can only read on the recumbent bike. If I’m on the elliptical machine or something else, forget it. So I figured audiobook might be cool.

I priced the download on iTunes, and it was like $45, so I put in a request at the library, fully prepared to have to download four or five CD’s (the book is 25 hours unabridged) to my computer, and then again to my iPod. But to my delight, this is what I got when I went to pick the thing up:


Playaway Wally Lamb


Blah. Can’t figure out how to rotate that…try tilting your head to the left a bit. That should fix it.


Anyway, it’s totally cool! The book is already on this little player, and all I have to do is plug my phones into the built-in jack.



Like all audiobooks, it’s a huge pain in the button if you accidentally lose your place, but overall, it’s very convenient. And so far, the book’s not bad either.

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