American Idiot

Seriously, I don’t care, but check out this cover:


Adam Lambert Rolling Stone


What are they trying to say with this pose? Hey World, check out what a poser I am? Oooh, he’s so wild. He’s lying on pillows, his shirt’s open (as are his legs) and it all looks so consciously styled and calculatingly arranged. (Oh, and have you heard – imagine I am whispering here as if it’s shocking – psst, he’s gay.)

I don’t know why, but this cover really annoys me, from the rhinestone butterfly at his crotch to the stupid black puffy shirt. And that belt — don’t get me started on that silly belt, except to tell you that if I see cheap copies of that freaking thing on sale next time I’m in Claire’s Boutique, I will burn that place to the ground.

 I mean seriously. Why the snake? Why?





One Comment on “American Idiot”

  1. egghead23 says:

    I don’t even know why I get Rolling Stone Magazine. It just started coming one day. I don’t know which one of Satan’s products I purchased to get this sent to me as a “free special added bonus gift,” but I do know that I need to put a stop to it. Today.

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