Too Lazy to Love You by Frank Bango

I have had this song in my head for a few weeks now, and I have loved every delicious note:


Not that my kids know music, but this was kind of funny…

Driving home this afternoon, I was flipping through radio stations and caught a few seconds of Lady GaGa.

Clooney says, “They call this music?”

I said, “Yeah, it’s Lady GaGa.”

And Edison said, “More like Lady CaCa.”

American Idiot

Seriously, I don’t care, but check out this cover:


Adam Lambert Rolling Stone


What are they trying to say with this pose? Hey World, check out what a poser I am? Oooh, he’s so wild. He’s lying on pillows, his shirt’s open (as are his legs) and it all looks so consciously styled and calculatingly arranged. (Oh, and have you heard – imagine I am whispering here as if it’s shocking – psst, he’s gay.)

I don’t know why, but this cover really annoys me, from the rhinestone butterfly at his crotch to the stupid black puffy shirt. And that belt — don’t get me started on that silly belt, except to tell you that if I see cheap copies of that freaking thing on sale next time I’m in Claire’s Boutique, I will burn that place to the ground.

 I mean seriously. Why the snake? Why?





That’s Entertainment?

Last night Manfrengensen and I sat down to watch a little boob tube, and what do you know, boob is what we got. The American Music Awards were on. We tuned in time to see Christina Aguilera performing a medley of her hits, and we couldn’t turn away because it was such a train wreck.  Put aside the lyrics, I can do that, but then what we’re basically looking at, when we watch Christina Aguilera on the American Music awards, is a bad lip syncer wearing Madonna’s old undergarments, prancing around with a lot of flash to disguise the lack of genuine talent. It’s not like the AMA’s weren’t aware that the lip syncing was bad.  The camera kept pulling back to the wide angles because Aguilera’s lip sycing was so obviously fake.  A few times, she even got the lyrics wrong.

I don’t mean to dis Christina Aguilera.  There’s certainly a place for lyrics like I’m a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way, but if she’s such a great performer, why does she have to lip-sync?  They’re lip-syncing, and then giving awards for it.  Am I going insane? Don’t you think that as audiences we should start to demand an end to the industry-wide practice of lip syncing?.  It’s a con and a crock. It’s what Milli Vanilli was vilified for.  And rightfully so. It isn’t in any way genuine or real.

This wasn’t even an isolated incident.  There are fans out there who pay three figures for tickets to shows where the artist lip syncs!  That’s highway robbery in my book.  It’s a common and disturbing practice.  I really think that as fans, you – we deserve more.

There are thousands of bands out there who are actually writing and performing their own music, and these people can’t get any kind of recognition from the industry because they’re too honest.  They’re too genuine.  They should be the ones who get support, not these American Idol-type hacks. They’re not prancing in underwear singing into what might as well be a hairbrush because it’s really just a pre-recording that who-knows-who really sang.  Face it, for all you know, Christina Aguilera’s voice could actually come from some fat lady with acne and facial hair, but what you see is Christina shaking her pert and ample ta-tas, singing along to the recording.  That’s music?  No.  That’s crazy.

Hell, I can lip sync.  I wouldn’t do it in my underwear in front of an audience, but if that’s all it takes to make millions of dollars and be called an “artist” then frankly, there’s something wrong with the system.

Demand more, people.



p.s. — Here’s another crazy thing.  In researching those lyrics, I found out that Aguilera also has a Disney version of “Genie in a Bottle,” which I guess changes some of the lyrics.  But the “you gotta rub me the right way” isn’t one of the lines that’s changed.


Updated ShowerGood night’s sleep despite the wicked thunderstorms that raged last night.  Took our maiden showers in the newly updated facility.  We are still lacking the shower door (one to two weeks probably) but everything else was working — and heavenly so.

T3 slept without his pacifiers for the first time last night.  We have been trying to convince him to give them up for a long long time, but he only responded by tightening his grip and hoarding them.  When he finally turned them over to me yesterday, there was a total of eight, all of which he had been taking to bed with him each night.  Manfrengensen says this development is an example of why a free market economy works best.  If you give people an incentive, say a trip to ToysRUs, then they will do the right thing, like give up their binkies.

Last night, we also began the new program of “one meal” for the family each night, instead of the short-order cooking I have been doing.  Chicken soft tacos went over okay, even though they ate only the chicken and refused the tortillas.  Crazy, right?  They did eat it, even though it took them forever, and no one threw up, (though J did almost make himself gag a couple of times) but that’s a vast improvement over previous efforts to widen their horizons when it comes to eating.  Surprisingly, it was Ee who refused to eat, and she’s usually the one I don’t have to worry about.  She ate an apple for dinner instead.

I find I have been wasting a lot of time lately.  I should be working on my book, but the other night I went to work on it, and it is such a mess, not where I want it to be, that I just had to walk away.  It’s brewing though…

I went to book club the other night.  Sometimes I feel like…I have no connection to people.  I mean I like them, but when they all start talking about how they are looking forward to seeing Journey in concert, and re-constituted Journey at that…I have a hard time identifying. They were lamenting the fact that it wasn’t Steve Perry singing any more and I thought, Good, finally a reason to respect Steve Perry. Tell me about a re-constituted Clash concert, or the Replacements, and then maybe, maybe I will be interested.  I think I am just past the age for all that…nothing really tempts me, not even The Police, to shell out the Franklins.  Maybe the Pixies would…definitely, I’d go for the Pixies.  Yes, I know they did get back together briefly, but they didn’t come play close enough to me.

And what would be “close enough to me” exactly?  Ideally my living room, but even so, they didn’t come to my town or the closest major city.  Not that I would hear about it if they did because I avoid pop radio in general.

And it’s not that I think I am better than the Journey fans…I just feel like I am out of step with those I am surrounded by.  It’s like high school all over again, complete with the same soundtrack, only without the anxiety.

And when it comes to festival shows, I totally agree with Andrew Kuo, who put it perfectly in this graphic in the Sunday Times:


I couldn’t agree more, though because I am digitally challenged, I can’t make the graphic any bigger for you.  You can link to it here: Kuo Festival Chart.  I highly recommend you check it out, as I laughed out loud several times over breakfast this past Sunday while perusing it.

Gotta go to the park now, it’s a beautiful day…