Best Movie Line Ever

Last night we were all sitting around at my dad’s beach house flipping channels, like we do almost every Saturday night in the summer. It’s totally crazy because even though they get every premium cable channel, there’s never anything on worth watching. Everyone shuns the remote because no one wants the responsibility. Anyway, at one point, we stopped on the Mark Wahlberg vehicle Shooter.

We caught it from the beginning, and almost immediately, a debate erupted over whether Mark Wahlberg’s beard was real or a product of the make-up department. My brother argued that it had to be real because what make-up artist would create a beard that looked that bad? And to prove his point, he added that it “looks like he was eating pancakes without a fork, and then went and had his hair cut” with all the trimmings sticking to his cheeks.

At least, I think that’s what he said after “hair cut.” We were all laughing too hard to hear the end of the joke.

One Comment on “Best Movie Line Ever”

  1. rachel says:

    Ha! He is such a character…

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