Cloud Gazing

Clooney has been into geography this year. In his Montessori class he enjoyed doing these punch-out map exercises, and he kind of got obsessed with them, doing more continents than any Montessori student who’s been through his classroom in nearly a decade. In his spare time, he’s been drawing pictures of the states by hand, plus he’s memorized almost fifty state capitals. It’s pretty amusing, not to mention amazing.

The other day, as we were walking back from the beach, Edison gazed skyward. “Look,” he pointed, “that cloud looks like wolf.” Then he saw another one, adding, “and that one looks like a moose or a genie.”

Clooney got into it then, “And that one looks like North America,” he pointed. “And that one over there looks like Spain.”

He also gave me his convoluted version of current events recently. I guess he must overhear things, or perhaps they talk about world events at school, but being six, he can only process them as a six-year-old should. Out of the blue,, he told me, “Russia and China are the biggest countries in Asia. Russia and China are going to be a team of the war and they are going to verse [sic] the Europes. Afganistan and Iraq go together, and they are going to verse France and Spain.”

Smart as he is, I must admit that  a UN career might not be best for him. Congress though — he seems to have about the same understanding of world events as most of those people.

One Comment on “Cloud Gazing”

  1. Laura Girmscheid says:

    When did “verse” become a verb?? My kids also use this term.

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